Kidsville Pediatrics

Kidsville Pediatrics is a 4 location practice which includes after hours urgent care services. With over 30 employees faced with new compliance regulations, the challenges of the ICD 10 implementation and an ever changing medical environment, I decided to hire ABC&D Consultants to assist me with my practice. Bernadette is on rotation to all locations. She has a hands on approach where she is teaching and developing my entire staff on best practices, clinical skill sets, effective communication and patient retention techniques.

She facilitates monthly staff meetings and manager meetings. She is an excellent leadership coach and provides the managers with training on employee engagement, how to manage daily operations and human resource management techniques. My physicians consider her an asset to the practice and I am very happy with her creativity, ingenuity and innovative strategies. I highly recommend her services.
Dr. F. Gonzalez- CEO Kidsville Pediatrics

Clements & Associates

The company outsourced Bernadette on October 2012 and it has been a great source of pleasure and increase to our staff development and growth of our business. She has always presented herself as professional, positive, and well organized. She has gone above and beyond to help our company restructure and provide light at the end of the tunnel for everyone to have a more balanced and fruitful vocation. She has helped higher management understand the company's economic decisions and provided much needed negotiation skills which assisted staff feel much better about their employment. She has given our company a new breath of life that has not only enriched the staff but has enriched the customer service of each and every patient. She continues to help us form an "A Team" of psychologists/therapists and infuse the many ideas that we have worked so hard to put together and maintain. We continue to partner with Bernadette in outsourcing her services and look forward to continued collaboration.
- Dr. R Clements

Brittany (Pediatric Office)

Just a little on my experience at "Boot Camp" for MA's. It was just as expected, a good Ol' fashion run down of what to expect on the examination for medical assistants. It was nice to have someone else with me to bounce knowledge off each others and jump start the brain since we have been out of schooling for a while. We had flash cards, notebooks/study guides for studying afterwards and Bernadette's contact info for any questions that still lingered. Not bad all. I definitely would recommend "Boot Camp" for anyone who needs to refresh the brain.

Neurologist at Neurological Services of Orlando

She helped us enhance work place environment, and was ready in a pinch with hiring. Bernadette's skills allowed us to secure placement for a very important position expeditiously, and in a seamless manner. Kudos for a job well done!
-Dr. Mark Klafter