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Bernadette has 25 years of experience working in physician's offices and in the academic environment of training and developing over 4,000 adult learners in the medical field at post- secondary institutions.

She has been a keynote speaker both in business development, leadership and motivation to entrepreneurs. Her expertise is in business development and human resources.

Her passion is to be part of the tool kit for any administrator with the following services:

Virtual Human Resources

* Recruiting: Medical Assistants will be pre-screened and competencies will be checked.

Training & Development:
* She currently holds various training courses on many different topics. Please check the website for events.
* The Medical Assistant Certification Boot Camp is the current initiative for compliance of Stage 2.
* CEU: Provider for MA Staff
* Professional Development for Staff

Office Management Leadership and Assistance:
* Guidance on how to safely reduce risk and meet compliance by conducting proper appraisals and disciplinary actions.

Training on HR rules and regulations regarding the interview process:
* Leadership training to increase employee retention
* Employee empowerment to get higher buy in and higher performance

Gerry Napier Conyers, Physician Dispensing Company

Gerry Napier Conyers is a marketing representative for Physicians Dispensing Company, a wholesale pharmaceutical company that has a program that enables doctors to write and fill their own prescriptions resulting in a significant revenue stream for the practice. Our program includes brand and generic medications, and adds no additional work to the physician and very little involvement from your existing staff. The difference in this new model and some of the ones that have been offered in the past is that the doctor doesn’t do anything any different than what they do today when they write a prescription. The main difference is that the doctor receives a 'net profit' to the practice that averages around $10 per prescription. We do the billing for the practice and insurance claims are adjudicated immediately. We also provide true pharmacy software, training, and medications that are specific for each physician in a practice. Patients appreciate this program that saves them time and money!

Please contact ABC&D Consultants for more information and to get a consultation with Gerry. 407-234-5575

Mitchell Gordon

Mitchell has been a certified licensed insurance broker for over 15 years. He is a Medicare educator and he is a subject matter expert. He provides coverage for life policies to include Term, Whole, IUL and Final Expense. He also provides coverage for various types of health policies such as Long Term Care, Dental, and Critical Illness.

Mitchell specializes in Medicare/Medicaid education and has done extensive research on the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).

Please contact ABC&D Consultants for more information and to get a consultation with Mitchell. 407-234-5575