Bernadette has 25 years of experience working in physician's offices as a Certified Medical Assistant and in the academic environment of training and developing over 4,000 adult learners in the medical field at post- secondary institutions as a Program Director and a former Associate Dean of Academics.

She is noted as the "Practice Managers Tool Kit"
She has been a keynote speaker both in business development, leadership and motivation to entrepreneurs. Her expertise is in business development and human resources.

All her services can be found on the "service tab" of the website. Here are a few listed;
Virtual Human Resources
Staffing/ Recruiting: Medical Assistants will be pre-screened and competencies will be checked.
Training & Development: She currently holds various training courses on many different topics.

Please check the website for events on trainings and workshops.
The Medical Assistant Certification Boot Camp is the current initiative for compliance of Stage 2 for CMS

Kyle Davis

began in the financial services and insurance business working for a small local insurance carrier. Since then, he has founded his own boutique financial planning firm in Orlando, Florida. Kyle has a passion for education and putting families on the right track toward achieving their goals.

His specialty is personal financial planning for individuals and families. Kyle is a true student of the financial planning environment, as it is an ever-changing and evolving business. His emphasis with his clients is education, and he believes that it is the planning process and discipline that drives success, not the products.

"It is amazing how much money people lose unnecessarily because they just don't understand how the game works. A financial planner should be able to illuminate these matters and educate their clients to better equip them to overcome financial challenges that all families face. We do that every day. The planning process is far more important than the products. The products that we use to get to our goal should come last."
-Kyle A. Davis