ABC&D Consultants

ABC&D Consultants Bernadette Cipriani Major, BBA, CMA

We conduct a floor operations observation for any business. We will observe front desk, medical assistants and assess all components of the organization. A report is then generated with all discoveries. The report will include suggested solutions. We focus on improvement of the operations from a compliance and training perspective. We will make a strategic plan to fit your organization and culture.

Bernadette Cipriani-Major is the owner of ABC&D Consultants.

Bernadette has been in the medical field and training in business for over 20 years.
"If you can't give them a raise, give them praise."

Improving the quality of customer/patient experiences is vital to business development. We need to improve the autonomy of the employees and the leadership skills of management. Together this will be the necessary initiative to promote better business. Bernadette teaches people how to be accountable to themselves and their businesses. Meet your goals and compliances through development of your organization.
She will take you to the next level.